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The Sound of Freedom has passed the $180 million mark and will go considerably higher. It is absolutely stunning an industry that looks like a graveyard of blockbuster bombs. They cannot bemoan a shift away from moviegoing as an excuse for their bombs when a small independent film is showing them how to fill theater seats.

What the world is seeing is MUCH bigger than just one surprisingly successful movie. Look at Robert Kennedy Jr. running for president. He is to Democrat candidates what The Sound of Freedom is to movies. The liberal media is fit to be tied about both of them, but it gets better.

Tucker Carlson, fired from Fox, is like a wrecking ball to the news media. He hosted a series of Republican candidate interviews at a Turning Point Action event and asked them questions no liberal debate host would dream of asking in their worst nightmare. The audience applauded as Tucker questioned support for the war in Ukraine. What was amazing is that Carlson did not put on some game face and behave like a lawyer cross examining a mass murderer. He was laughing and having a good time. Unlike a liberal interviewer tossing softballs to Democrats he threw fastball under the chin of Republicans and some still managed to hit home runs. Vivek Ramaswamy was astounding. A later interview with Donald Trump got over 250 million views.

While it is annoying, the FBI, CIA and Department of justice are now naked emperors with citizens pointing at their exposed private parts. They’re still trying to get Donald Trump sent to prison before November 2024, but their massive fortress protecting the wicked deeds of the Biden family, and others, is in tatters. No one on earth can actually respect them any longer.

The fortress of the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma is also in tatters. So much truth has come out about Covid 19 that people are calling for tribunals. An industry sworn to serve the people has been committing genocide. Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book on Anthony Fauci exposes the political prostitution of medical science. It’s all about greed with a capital “G.” Truthful physicians that liberals have failed to completely censor are transforming the industry. New health care models are competing with the old.

The standard American diet is being so profoundly exposed as deadly that fast food chains are losing customers. There is a very long way to go, but the awakening is underway and millions of Americans are experiencing the taste of freedom.

Not long ago the news media for the majority of Americans was under the thumb of liberal oligarchs who could put in the mouths of “journalists” the words they wanted to come out. Now such news outhouses attract flies while audiences flock to Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson (unfiltered). It’s possible to “rabbit hole” and binge search for facts on everything from the Kennedy assassinations to 9/11. It’s another sound of freedom.

The biggest of all sounds of freedom is in religion. For decades the church has been behind walls of tax exempt status and separation of church and state. Promoting righteousness was limited to Sunday morning services and even there you have to be careful not to mention politics. Donald Trump, with all his faults, got those who believe in God out of their pews to massive rallies. Unlike any candidate before him, he took on the liberal media like General George Patton took on Nazis. This is what drew crowds. A man running for office did not fear the media. He took them on. This led to an entire movement taking them on and taking on school boards and government agencies.

The sounds of freedom are getting louder and louder and the slave masters are getting more and more desperate. Angel Studios does not run Hollywood. Tucker Carlson does not own a massive media company. The FBI is still behaving like the Mafia, but the sounds of freedom are rising. The great villains of the planet earth are not ready to surrender. They will do horrible things to silence the sound of freedom, but they will not succeed. The sounds of freedom are coming from above. No oligarchs on earth have more power than God and He’s behind the awakening.


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