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Pornography Fuels Child Sex Industry

The abduction featured in the Sound of Freedom movie was fueled by clients whose desires grew from the use of pornography. Though not shown in the movie, audiences were shown Tim Ballard’s eyes filled with tears as he looked at pornographic evidence of child sexual abuse.
The first pedophile caught in the movie had a shelf full of pornographic videos. These days no shelf is needed.
This is a massive problem in Georgia and it is not just a problem with middle aged men who look like nerds. Children are gaining access to pornography and becoming addicted, not just to naked girls, but to sexual violence.
Most children lured into pornography know it’s wrong morally, but don’t understand the science which now clearly shows the damage done to brains and lifestyles. It can lead to loneliness, disfunction and depression. It can also lead becoming a client of the sex slave trade.
In 2022 Louisiana passed bipartisan legislation permitting parents to sue pornography providers if they give access to pornography to their children. The bill passed with only one dissenting vote. The objective is to reduce underage access to porn. Legislators of both parties were among the bill’s sponsors.
Similar legislation has passed in other states and is under consideration for the 2024 session of the Georgia General Assembly.
Reducing child access to pornography would be a great step forward, but adult access to child pornography is a more immediate issue if Georgians are to combat the sex slave trade in the state.
Imagine Georgia having a pedophile plantation prison where inmates grow and pick cotton and vegetables in a compound without electricity. They’d get to go back in time to experience plantation living. They’d get the opportunity to escape their pornography addiction. Adult consumption of pornography might decrease.

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