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The 21st Century is still in its first quarter and the pace of change is blinding. The dangers are like volcanos and the opportunities are like a sky full of stars. We all know the world will be drastically different by 2030 — so what kind of schools do we need?

The absolute core of a good education is not information. It is wisdom. It is knowing what best to do with everything coming at us. It’s knowing good from evil. It’s having the good character that Martin Luther King Jr. said should be the measure of children.
Without wisdom artificial intelligence, nano tech and more will be used to create a dystopian society like like Hunger Games movies. Without wisdom children will be transformed into cyborgs acting like robots to be controlled by global leaders. We are not in the 20th Century any more and 20th Century schools will not protect mankind from destruction.
Teaching that we evolved from goo by chance opens the mind to reject wisdom and live by opinion. Teaching that we are created by God and live in ongoing battle between good and evil is our only hope. We must sell good and good or we will experience the horrors of evil.

We must return to a relentless pursuit of truth in science and in subjects like history. As we engage in a quest for what’s good we must not teach children a pack of lies. We are not here by chance. We are masterfully designed to live in health as we understand what is healthy. Health is both mental and physical and there is such a thing as healthy and unhealthy behavior.
Society benefits from reserving sex for marriage and having healthy families provide for the young and old. The cost of health care can be DRASTICALLY reduced by healthy lifestyles. Children need to learn what is optimum, not what is fashionable.

Children need to learn biology as it relates to their health and happiness. They need to learn a healthy lifestyle is preferable to medications that manipulate symptoms. They need to know why and how they can avoid becoming addicts to drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography. They need to learn the health benefits of unselfishness. Mental health is PROFOUNDLY impacted by philosophy — how you understand life. A healthy understanding of life encourages good behavior and good health,

God made mankind uniquely creative. Dogs do not write music and manufacture cars. Children need to see themselves as designed to be creative. They need to see opportunity. Some may love art, some sports, some gardening or business, but children need to realize that are not on the planet earth just to eat, have sex and die. Children need to learn to explore their capabilities and interests in the pursuit of good (not evil).

Learning needs to be a passion. Schools should be hives of passion where students see themselves as explorers looking for their calling in life. Children do often think first about becoming a great athlete or movie star, but beyond those school should be like a cafeteria of opportunity. Math, music, science and literature all offer opportunities. The child poet should have the opportunity to explore poetry without a classroom full of students being forced to as well.

We are created by God with a purpose. Satan and his demons stand in opposition. They want to redirect or to crush God-given desires. We are here to leave the world a better place when we go. A good school would help us find and pursue our purpose, Great artists study art. They learn from maters. They practice, practice, practice and explore. The same is true for basketball players or businessmen. It’s not necessary to push kindergarteners into a career choice, but schools should be well aware of students strengths and interests. They should encourage the use of abilities for good purposes.

No academic achievement is of any lasting value without good character. It is good character that leads a doctor to save lives rather than take lives. It is good character that leads a businessman to offer good products at a good price with honesty. It is good character that enables a politician to serve his constituents above major campaign contributors. Prisons are filled with inmates who went to school and failed to acquire good character.

A good school is one that graduates students who love to keep learning. They’d rather spend time learning more than waste time with pointless games and silly entertainment. A good school inspires growers, not couch potatoes. This is VERY important in the 21st Century because many jobs are going to vanish. Many who lose jobs will be depressed and discouraged. Those who do well will be those who enjoy constantly learning more.

Every parent wants their children in peaceful schools where students respect each other and their teachers. They oppose vulgarity and violence. It’s not that parents want their children in prison compounds with guards ready to squelch and peep of misbehavior. They want classrooms full of children with good character who would make a policeman’s job very boring. This will never come teaching children they are highly evolved animals in a survival of the fittest world. It is more likely in a school where children learn God created them to do their part to help make the world a better place — even a world with lots of artificial intelligence.

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