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What Is Life?

The United States was founded with a Declaration of Independence. In that declaration a right to life was declared self-evident granted by our Creator, God, to be defended by government.

So, what is life?

Clearly the reference was to human life. Human life begins at conception. This is Biology 101. It’s human reproduction. Students learn that a woman’s egg is fertilized by a male’s sperm and the egg begins to divide into multiple stem cells. These in turn become organs and muscles. In nine months a baby is delivered. At no second in a pregnancy is some milestone passed that that makes a child human. Even before a heartbeat can be heard the rapidly growing baby is alive. The object of an abortion is to end a life, period.

In recent years efforts have been made to enact “reproductive rights” that reject the understanding that a right to life in inalienable. The concept is that women have a right to terminate the life of their baby in the womb — with the help of a “doctor.” This is not a right granted by God.

This new right was deemed necessary as the result of a sexual revolution encouraging sex outside of marriage. The idea was not to increase reproduction, making lots more babies. It was to make sex a form of entertainment. The fact that new human life sometimes formed from recreational sex was problematic. Males and females wanting free sex without children demanded abortion. Parents of pregnant girls often demanded abortions as well.

According to the Declaration of Independence Georgia has a duty, given by God to defend human life, but this is made far more difficult than it should be because of the culture shift away from reserving sex for marriage,

Looking at God’s intent for human life, the core unit of society is a husband and wife serving as mother and father and eventually as grandparents. What’s formed is a family tree from which you can trace generations.

Satan’s plans for human life is selfish gratification and a “reproductive right” to kill unwanted children.

Were Georgia to pass a law defending human life from conception, there would be abortion vacations to New York and California. Currently some mothers take abortion vacations to Georgia. On the other hand, some children that would die in Georgie would live.

In an ideal Georgia sex would be voluntarily reserved for marriage. All children would be raised by a loving mother and father working together. This ideal is demonstrated in many families now.

In a satanic Georgia more babies would die and many would still be born either unwanted, or into very difficult home environments. Which direction will those in Georgia of childbearing age choose?

What is the good life? At your funeral do you want a list read of all the one night stands you’ve had seeing pleasure or will you want an admiring family that can be listed as members of a simple family tree.

There are women who wanted children and grandchildren, but chose to put it off by having a baby aborted. Some unintentionally passed up their chance to have more children. They will not have their own grandchildren at their funeral, or on their Facebook page.

One of the best things about life is that while God wants life valued and protected, he offers forgiveness to those who failed to do so. Those who come to him seeking forgiveness are like the prodigal son, beloved of his father as he returned from seeking self gratification.

Life is eternal. When the earthly body ceases to function the soul goes to judgment. Innocent babies ripped from their mother’s womb are welcomed with open arms. The forgiven are welcomed as well. A better life awaits. For those who go to their grave promoting the killing of babies a harsher judgment awaits.

Again, what is life? Life is a test. It’s filled with countless choices. Will you seek God’s will and do it, or will you pursue your own pleasure and tell God where to go? The wise choice is to seek God’s will. It’s better in this life and the next. It’s common sense.

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