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Vaccine Safety Legislation 2024

The voters of the state of Georgia have good reason to want vaccines given in Georgia to be safe and effective. Some who fund political campaigns fear any legislation that would enhance safety. They make a lot of money — much of which comes from taxpayers — providing vaccines that are exempt from medical liability prosecution.

In the 2024 Georgia legislative session the people of Georgia need to ask for legislation that enhances vaccine safety.

The first step would be to require that any vaccine given in Georgia must have independent studies showing that the vaccine is both safe and effective. These studies should be examined by an independent board made up of both scientists and lay citizens. A public hearing should be held for this board. If the vaccine is approved by the board the studies examined and the names of the board members that approved them should be listed on the Georgia Department of Health website, along with the contents of the vaccine.

Once a vaccine is approved by the board, vaccine reactions need to be carefully monitored. Those who give out vaccines need to be recorded, by batch, each administration (which they currently do).

While maintaining patient confidentiality, medical records of serious illnesses and deaths need to be compared on a statistical basis to vaccine injections. These state-wide statistics need to be published on Georgia Department of Heath website.

Vaccines that show correlation with a serious number of illnesses and deaths should lose their Georgia state approval. This is extremely important because many schools and businesses require vaccinations. Exceptions are permitted but must be applied for.

Existing vaccines should be included in the data collection for possible safety violations.

Georgia does not exist as a state simply to enhance the profitability of vaccine makers. Vaccines exist to provide benefits to recipients, not just to make money. Georgia needs to be a leading state in seeing that it's citizens are served, not abused.

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